Researchers have explored a new material based on rock silicates, which can replace lithium in electric car batteries in the future. The material can help develop new kinds of energy storage devices, which could be more affordable and non-sensitive to moisture.

Mohamad Khoshkalam, a researcher from the Technical University of Denmark, found that material based on rock silicates can be a good fit for a solid-state electrolyte.

“The potential of potassium silicate as a solid-state electrolyte has been known for a long time, but in my opinion has been ignored due to challenges with the weight and size of the potassium ions,” said Mohamad Khoshkalam. “The ions are large and, therefore move slower.”

According to researchers, these rock silicates can be found in ordinary stones you pick up on the beach or in your garden. A significant advantage of this new material is its insensitivity to air and humidity. This allows it to be molded into a paper-thin layer within a battery.

Extractable from silicates, this inexpensive, eco-friendly material has the potential to be utilized in a wide array of applications.

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