A series of incidents involving the downing of several objects over North America that the Biden Administration refuses to identify but suggests had been commercial balloons has renewed debate over whether the United States is being forthcoming about data it collects on aerial objects that remain unidentified.

Speaking at the Pentagon on Wednesday, Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary Sabrina Singh told reporters that the unidentified objects were most likely to have been commercial balloons that the U.S. shot down using AIM-9X Sidewinder missiles, projectiles with an individual price tag of around $400,000.

“[T]hese were not UFOs,” Singh clarified on Wednesday. “We are tracking them as objects and I know that there have been characteristics of one of them that appears to be like a balloon, but these were commercial, we believe.”

“We do not believe these to be any type of foreign entity,” Singh added, “in terms of a UFO.”

Singh also said the U.S. had “not been able to recover all the debris from when these were shot down,” although to date, no indication that any debris had been recovered has been provided by the Pentagon.

While some questions may remain over whether any debris associated with the objects was recovered by the U.S., the Pentagon has made at least one thing abundantly clear: it has no plans to release what little data it is suspected to have successfully collected on the objects.

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