Investigators believe a Scot could hold an important clue to one of the world’s biggest UFO mysteries.

The “Calvine photo” taken in Perthshire in 1990 is regarded as one of the clearest UFO pictures ever taken but is at the centre of a mystery after images sent to the Ministry of Defence disappeared. But one certified copy emerged last year, showing a diamond-shaped object in the sky above Perthshire – believed by some to be the world’s “best ever UFO photo”.

The Daily Record has now been told that the person who took the photo was a young ­Glaswegian called Kevin Russell, who was working as a porter at the Pitlochry Hydro Hotel at the time. Kevin and a friend were left ­terrified by the 100ft long aircraft, which they said hovered above the A9 near Calvine for 10 minutes then soared off at high speed when buzzed by RAF jets.

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