It was an ordinary afternoon in 1970 when a 14-year-old Dan Harary looked through the windshield of his father's car and saw a V-shaped UFO hovering above his New Jersey neighborhood in broad daylight. 

The Hollywood publicist-turned-sci-fi writer never forgot the incredible moment, but it wasn't until decades later that he became convinced his military dad, Jack, knew more about the flying saucer than he had let on.  

Harary's father worked as an electronics engineer with the U.S. Army from 1951 to 1996 and never discussed his top secret projects. 

It was not until Jack died in 2017, that his son remembered he had given him a knowing wink after their UFO sighting. 'I thought, "Oh my God, I wonder if my dad knew what that was,"' Harary, 66, told

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