Back in 1996, one of the most infamous UFO and alien reports emerged from Varginha, Brazil. Called the Varginha incident and often labeled as “Brazil’s Roswell,” several witnesses claimed to have seen alien creatures and experienced numerous UFO sightings over a period of multiple days.

The first alien was seen by three women, two sisters and a friend aged 14 to 22 on January 20, 1996.

They reported that the alien was around 5 feet tall with a large head, large red eyes, a thin body with oily brown skin, and V-shaped feet. The women believed that the alien had been injured or was sick due to it appearing to be unsteady on its feet.

When they reported what they had seen to the sisters’ mother, they went back to the scene and the mother reported smelling a strong ammonia-like odor and seeing some footprints, but no alien.

A few days after their sighting, another alien-like creature was found lying on the side of a road. This creature was reportedly picked up by three military vehicles. A janitor at a local zoo also reported seeing a similar scene around that time.

In the book UFO Crash in Brazil, witnesses claimed that the two alien-like creatures were taken to a clinic for examination.

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