For over three-quarters of a century the US government has conducted public study investigations of the UFO phenomena, but incredibly has yet to draw any satisfactory conclusions about what these objects are in our skies and in our seas. The government has had 11 public investigatory bodies assembled at various times over more than 75 years to grapple with the nature of these strange objects. From Project Sign and Project Blue Book to the Condon Committee and AATIP--all of them are shams. Every single “official” study of the UFO issue has been in vain. Why this is so will be revealed here and now:

The reason is that these study groups were never given the material and information needed to arrive at truth. This is because the secret to the saucers does not rest with the US government. It lies within the private sector, and it has for a very long time. The critical physical evidence that exists from UFOs is worked on by select defense contractors and has never been shared with members of these study groups.

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