Born and raised in the farming business, Colby Marshall thought he had seen it all. But what he discovered stashed in a timbered ravine at the Silvies Valley Ranch in deep-rural Oregon absolutely horrified him.

In 2019, Marshall, the property's then-vice president of operations, was working outside the small farming community of Burns, more than 180 miles west of Boise.

He had received a disturbing call about a Hereford bull found dead at the bottom of a steep gorge. But when he arrived, it wasn't the death that shocked him. After all, there's nothing strange about cattle dying in the wild.

Rather, it was the state of the carcass that sent a chill down his spine.

The reproductive organs and tongue were gone, seemingly removed by an extremely sharp blade, leaving none of the marks of a natural predator.

'It was fascinating and scary all at the same time,' Marshall told 'There were no signs of injury or sickness. The bull was just lying there. It was the weirdest damn thing.'

Inexplicably, there was no blood on the wounds or on the ground.

There were no scavengers to take advantage of the easy feast. It was as clinical as an operating room and as ominous as a horror movie.

What's more, the vegetation around the bull's remains also appeared untouched with no visible tracks nearby.

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