A MYSTERIOUS triangular craft zipped across the sky over a military base and, as astonished Ministry of Defence police looked on, aimed a search light at the ground below.

The incredible sighting above Cosford RAF Base in Shropshire on March 31, 1993, was one of hundreds reported across the UK by members of the public, police officers and military personnel over a two day period.

Thirty years on the Cosford Incident, as it came to be known, remains unexplained.

For Nick Pope, then head of the MoD’s UFO research programme, it proved an intriguing mystery.

He tells The Sun there was a “spooky postscript” that linked the sightings to similar events in Belgium

“There was a wave of sightings over a period of about six hours on March 30th and 31st, 1993, involving a vast triangular shaped craft that was capable of moving from very slow speeds of 30-40mph to high Mach speeds in an instant,” he recalls.

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