Twitter was abuzz with news on UFOs on Tuesday.

In a newly released interview for his Weaponized podcast with George Knapp, two Marines told the filmmaker Jeremy Corbell that they saw an extraordinary object over the California skies on April 20, 2021. Corbell has released videos that Marines recorded of what they describe as the object. The filmmaker has previously released U.S. military-recorded videos of what the government calls unidentified aerial phenomena, or UAPs. Whether drones, balloons, or something more extraordinary, some of the objects in the videos Corbell has previously released remain unexplained.

But back to this newly reported April 20, 2021, incident. It was evening on or near the 29 Palms Marine Corps base. Two Marines told Corbell they saw lights resembling a stationary and triangular object at a distance. They say the lights suddenly dissipated when illumination flares were fired in the lights' direction. The Marines also described a large vehicle convoy heading out in the direction of the lights. The report sounds compelling. What to make of it?

Well, perhaps the Marines did see an example of what the government refers to as a UAP. Discussing the report with Corbell, Knapp observed that "the U.S. Marine Corps should produce a report on this."

One problem.

The BlackVault's John Greenwald noted something that Corbell and Knapp did not. Namely, that other Marines were carrying out a major exercise in the same area at the exact same time — specifically, a Weapons and Tactics Instructor event. WTI exercises provide advanced training to select Marines on integrated air-ground operations. Publicly available Marine Corps footage of the April 20, 2021, exercise (watch the last few seconds) shows what appear to be illumination flares in a five-light formation. The five lights bear striking conformity with the lights in Corbell's video.

Not a convincing explanantion, IMO. To read more, click here.