The first-ever public meeting of NASA's 'independent study group' on UFOs dropped major revelations about unexplained objects tracked 'all over the world.' 

It also included serious calls for more resources to examine UFOs, now more technically described as Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena (UAP) to better include the range of sightings and cases under study.

Comprised of 16 experts ranging from physicists to astronauts, NASA's study group had a lot to say during their four-hour meeting, which covered everything from the search for alien artifacts to the problem of online harassment by UFO trolls.

The study group, the first of its kind from the US space agency, has been conducting its work since last June and is expected to release its final recommendations to NASA in late July.

Here are the six main takeaways from yesterday's meeting.

They didn't mention the most important 'takenaway' -- the truth. To read more, click here.