If you follow the complex and perplexing world of unidentified flying objects, now tied to the term unidentified anomalous phenomena, or UAP, then you're aware that we may be inching toward "full disclosure."

What that means is uncorking the bottle filled to the brim with an elixir of truth, say disclosure activists, that Earth has been on the receiving end of exotic craft of off-world origin. Even more, there are allegations of a covert U.S. government reverse engineering program set up to essentially write an operators manual on how these alleged anomalous vehicles function.

The drumbeat that the U.S. government is ready to spill the beans on possible alien guests to Earth is louder than ever. But whether it's next week, next year or next decade, what are the social consequences of first contact? Or, at least some outing of historical records documenting evidence of visitors from afar? Are we ready for such a revelation? There appears to be debate on what the ripple effects might be.

Those who have been keeping this under wraps for 75 years obviously don't think we are ready.

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