A new set of declassified John F Kennedy assassination documents includes some intriguing UFO updates - that have gripped the nation.

President Joe Biden recently unlocked formerly top secret documents to "provide a fuller understanding" of John F. Kennedy's murder.

The case has been pored over for decades, but one document has revealed the previously redacted name of a CIA official, Reuben Efron, who intercepted Lee Harvey Oswald’s mail in the months before the tragic shooting on November 22 1963.

Now they include an excerpt from a 1955 cable the US Air Force obtained from 'three reliable US observers' who saw flying discs over the Soviet Union.

A Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) official, Senator and military personnel reported that 'two mound and circular unconventional aircraft resembling flying discs or flying saucers were seen taking off almost vertically.'

The official CIA document says the "reported sighting of unusual aircraft in USSR" was made by "three reliable US observers".

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