David Grusch, a United States Air Force veteran who previously worked at the National Reconnaissance Office, will claim under oath that "the U.S. government is operating with secrecy—above Congressional oversight" with regards to what is now referred to as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP).

In the opening statement to his testimony in front of the House Oversight Committee on Wednesday, he will say he became a whistleblower following "concerning reports from multiple esteemed and credentialed current and former military and intelligence community individuals" regarding the alleged secret UFO program.

At the beginning of June, House Oversight Committee chair James Comer announced an investigation into allegations that a top-secret military program already had a fully intact UFO in its possession.

The alien probe was launched after Grusch told NewsNation, following an article on the same subject from The Debrief, that the government had retrieved several "non-human origin technical vehicles," some of which contained "dead pilots."

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