Real, hard evidence is needed before last week’s “implausible” US Congressional testimony on UFOs by ex-intelligence officer David Grusch can be held as anything but science fiction.

That is the appraisal of physicist Professor Jonathan Blazek of Northeastern University, who said he “[didn’t] find Grusch very credible” after reading a summary report on hearing.

Mr Grusch — a former intelligence officer and US Air Force veteran — had told the House Oversight Subcommittee that the US is retrieving and reverse-engineering alien spaceships.

He added that “non-human biologics” have also been recovered from crash sites, and that he “knows the exact location” of a site where the government is poring over alien artefacts.

However, Mr Grusch repeatedly backed away from offering specifics or evidence in support of his claims, saying that he couldn’t “discuss that publicly” — a tendency that Prof. Blazek said was “very frustrating”.

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