is one of life's great unsolved mysteries, along with the Bermuda Triangle and the curse of Tutankhamun - does Bigfoot really exist?

Humankind has become obsessed with the idea of a giant hairy monster roaming the forests in North America - but although there have been many suspected sightings, no one has ever seen the real thing.

Despite no concrete evidence that Bigfoot exists, people have been captivated for years with the idea that this monster might be real, and the suspected sightings are always sure to send believers into a frenzy.

One man from the US is one such believer, who even reckons he has captured some of the most clear-cut footage of the ape-like monster in the Mississippi woodland.

After Josh Highcliffe posted his video on YouTube eight years ago, other Bigfoot-hunters agreed it was the best footage of the legendary creature they had ever seen - and after all this time, fans still think his title remains uncontested.

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