Terrifying footage of a 'wormhole’ of flashing lights over a reported UFO hotspot island has left scientists baffled.

A clip appears to show fizzling or flashing lights in the skies over Catalina Island off the coast of Southern California. Skies over the island and the wider coastal area have long been the subject of UFO speculation, with a number of reported sighting over the years.

Experienced Air Force pilots have reported alleged UFO sighting in the form of bright lights of objects moving at speeds unachievable for manmade crafts. Last year, captains and a former F-18 pilot reported seeing lights moving in elongated circles or 'race tracks' for hours high in the sky while they flew on routes from Japan and Hawaii.

Now, footage shared by the History Channel shows more lights in the same area, with host Tony Harris explaining some of its background. He tells viewers the clip was captured on July 16, 2021, when a group of scientists was on a week-long expedition near the island, adding: "Shortly before 4am, one of their motion detection cameras in night vision captured this."

A photo then shows a foggy sky, with the upper right-hand corner showing a seemingly clear patch containing a group of lights huddled together. Harris adds: "Researchers don't think they're mere stars." Matthew Szydagis, one of the researchers investigating the phenomenon, calls the still "very strange."

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