While exploring the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, a group of scientists came across something very unusual: a mysterious golden object.

On August 30, a team of scientists from National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) was exploring an underwater volcano 250 miles (402 km) off the coast of Alaska. Two miles (3 km) beneath the surface of the Pacific Ocean, they found a strange orb-like object burrowed into the side of the undersea structure.

The discovery has mystified scientists who are currently mapping the seafloor of the Gulf of Alaska as part of the agency's latest Seascape Alaska 5 expedition. The discovery was witnessed by the public since the mission was shown on live stream.

Coming across an eerie egg at the foot of an ancient underwater volcano is spooky enough on its own. The explorers got even extra shocked upon discovering that the orb had a perplexing hole in it, as if something had burrowed its way through. As one researcher observed in a live feed, "Something tried to get in...or to get out."

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