Is there life on other planets? Are we alone in the universe or is it actually teeming with alien life and, if so, what does this alien life want from us? These types of questions have been intriguing humans for far longer than we may think.

In fact, the Syrian author Lucian of Samosata wrote what is often considered the first science fiction book in the second century AD. His “True Story” involved an interplanetary war being fought on the Moon.

Arguably, no society appears to be as obsessed with alien encounters and UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) as the United States. Americans love alien stories, pumping out an inordinate amount of cultural products dedicated to them — movies, books, tv, radio shows, podcasts, you name it.

On July 26th, 2023, a whistleblower (a former Air Force intelligence officer) testified before the U.S. Congress that the Americans have had and longstanding program to capture and reverse engineer extraterrestrial UFOs.

A 2017 Localities survey of 26,000 people in 24 countries, found that 61% of the people in the studied countries believed that there was some form of life on other planets, while 47% of them believed in the existence of intelligent alien civilizations in our universe. Around a quarter of those surveyed fully ruled out the possibility of aliens, and the rest said they didn’t know either way.

Interestingly, Russians (68%), Mexicans (61%), and the Chinese (60%) were actually more likely to believe in extraterrestrials than Americans (45%), according to that survey.

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