There has been a "huge increase" in big cat sightings throughout the UK according to a documentary filmmaker capturing footage of the massive creatures.

Matt Everett was "inundated" with clips of the cats just before the release of his documentary, Panthera Britannia Declassified. Anonymous tip-offs to the big cat expert led to alleged breakthroughs of sightings "in broad daylight", with one person claiming they saw a black leopard in Bristol. The sighting saw an unnamed man fumble for his phone in the hopes of documenting a panther and its cubs jumping a fence and disappearing into a "dense bush" nearby.

Filmmaker Matt said: "After the film was released on Amazon and iTunes, we have been inundated with emails and messages from people wanting to report their own sightings. We have even had new videos and photos sent in, which really demonstrates the public interest in this subject. Last week we received a video, sent to us from Bristol. He wanted to remain anonymous for fear of ridicule by his colleagues, harming his career prospects, or even losing his job.

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