The so-called UFO expert who unveiled two "non-human" bodies in Mexico is now facing criminal charges for allegedly stealing them.

Furious officials in Peru have launched a criminal probe into journalist and self-proclaimed extraterrestrial boffin Jaime Maussan.

The bizarre saga has taken another strange turn as it emerged that authorities are investigating how he got his hands on them.

The 70-year-old presented the two mummified specimens, retrieved from a mine in Cuzco, Peru, at a congressional hearing on UFOs in Mexico last week.

The corpses, which Maussan claims are over 1,000 years old, had small bodies, three-fingered hands and odd elongated skulls.

Maussan testified under oath that the alleged aliens "are not part of our terrestrial evolution" and have "non-human DNA".

The 70-year-old stood alongside forensic scientists in Mexico while making the bold declarations that have shocked the world.

But experts, UFO conspiracy theorists and politicians have all raised doubts over the authenticity of the alleged ET findings.

Peruvian officials have now launched a probe into how the two alleged ETs managed to leave the country and ended up in the Maussan's possession.

Culture Minister Leslie Urteaga announced a criminal complaint has been filed, although the details of this remain unclear.

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