A sleepy Scottish village became known as hotspot for UFOs, an expert has claimed.

They have been spotted in Scotland for several years, he claimed, and the famous 'Falkirk Triangle' is a popular hunting ground for spotters. Bonnybridge near the town has become famous for unusual objects spotted in its skies, sparking calls for a government probe. One of the country's leading ufologists, however, says an Aberdeenshire village is a 'hotspot' for sightings. Malcolm Robinson has written 10 books over a decades-long career studying the subject.

He said 'many good cases' had been reported to him by residents of the coastal village of Muchalls. The settlement, which houses around 500 people is, he claims, a 'UFO window area' where there has been a lot of suspected extraterrestrial activity. In his book, UFO Case Files of Scotland Volume 2, he recounts some of the tales stunned locals have told him over the years.

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