Former President Barack Obama once joked in an interview that the question he gets asked the most about his time in the White House is what he learned about UFOs or aliens. Under President Joe Biden's administration, the Pentagon appears to be running the show.

The July 25 hearing with former intelligence officer David Grusch revealed that the U.S. government is allegedly handling extraterrestrial technology – and it's keeping it close to the vest. The Washington Post told the story of the whistleblower driving to the Capitol and begging the Pentagon's security office to clear more information for the public to access.

"Shouldn’t it be the president saying this stuff?” Grusch said. “Like, I don’t want to be the purveyor of disclosure because I don’t have all the data.”

A new documentary, called “Close Encounters of the Human Kind,” by Ammar Kandil who started the digital storytelling platform Yes Theory, shows what was happening in the days leading up to the testimony about “Non-Human Reverse Engineering Programs."

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