Last week, I was contacted by a German documentary producer, asking if I was willing to be interviewed about two mummified bodies presented at a Mexican congressional hearing by TV personality Jaime Maussan, who claimed they were aliens.

I declined, explaining that I didn’t have any inside knowledge about the alleged discovery. But I did say in a written statement that I was skeptical. The “bodies” shown at the hearing look a little too humanoid to me. That is what we have come to expect from decades of science fiction movies, but in actuality, I would not necessarily expect aliens to look like us.

Most outside observers also were skeptical about Maussan’s “mummies,” with many dismissing them as outright fakes. But it got me thinking: If one day, somebody comes forward with a body that appears at first glance to be extraterrestrial in origin, how would we know for sure? How would we positively identify an alien?

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