Tired of smart people playing dumb, tired of the foot-dragging, can-kicking, obstructionist, ambivalent insouciance in full bloom everywhere from AARO to NASA to DoE, I’d reached a point where I needed straight answers about UFOs. I needed the kind of answers that would sharpen all ambiguities into the inerrant certitude of Lord God Almighty Himself. So I went to an all-day symposium called “UFOs/UAPs – Threat or Hope?”

Twelve hours earlier, you could’ve stood right there in the Titusville High parking lot, turned east toward the lagoon, and watched a Falcon 9 punch through a wall of black clouds on a mission to eject 22 Starlink satellites into low Earth orbit, where 5,000 more Muskbots are already in business. On this Saturday morning at the THS auditorium, with school out, I joined several dozen other American Earthlings who were as fed up with non-answers as I was.

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