A small town obsessed with sasquatch has been branded the 'Bigfoot capital of the world'.

While Washington, in the United States, has the most ever reported sightings of the mystical beast, with 713 cases in all-time, it is Willow Creek in California that has taken the title. The area has reported 461 sightings, according to the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organisation, but the 1,700 residents in the town are more said to be more obsessed with the creature than anywhere else in the world.

Willow Creek's fascination with Bigfoot began back in 1967 when eerie footage was captured in the nearby Six Rivers National Forest, shooting the small town to fame. In what is known as the 'Patterson-Gimlin' footage, a hairy beast was seen moving through the woods in a three-minute, grainy clip by adventurers Roger Patterson and Bob Gimlin. It was reportedly the first time Bigfoot was ever filmed.

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