A July 2023 bombshell congressional hearing made waves across the world but one investigative journalist has been sounding the alarm on UFO secrets for decades.

For the first time, NewsNation is bringing you unprecedented access to the files of legendary television reporter George Knapp.

“I have secret stashes of files and things all over the station,” said Knapp. “Mountains of evidence compiled from the government’s own files.”

It took a long time to be able to sit down with Knapp. He says he gets multiple interview requests per day. It’s at his office at NewsNation affiliate KLAS-TV where he’s worked for decades that we begin.

“So this has been my office. Amazingly, they’ve let me keep it all these years,” he said. “I have secret stashes and files and things all over the station because I am a pack rat. I keep everything. This is where a lot of the lot of the stories that we did were created. We were the unofficial UFO research capital of the world. All these things that have come out over the last couple of years started right here.”

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