Arkansas may be the Razorback state, but Miller County residents live under the hairy shadow of a different beast.

For decades, locals in the small town of Fouke and its surrounding area have said that something inhuman stalks the deep, dark swamps in their region...the Fouke Monster.

Reba Killian was a little girl when she says she first saw the creature on a late-night drive.

"Seven and a half to eight feet tall. And we just started screaming, we were banging on the truck trying to get our parents to stop because we were kids, nobody was going to believe us. And we used to run those woods all the time in between my house and her house. And after that, I said no more, I'm not going back in those woods. It could have snapped us like a twig if it wanted to," Killian said.

Reports of the creature go back over a century ago, but the most famous rash of sightings occurred in the early '70s when a family claimed to have been attacked in their house at night.

The incident generated so much media attention that the monster became national news, putting Fouke on the map and bringing monster hunters from around the country, much to locals' dismay.

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