Strange round lights have caught the attention of a woman who has now set out on a mission to find out their origin.

Chilling video footage captured by a California woman depicts the bright orange circles in the sky outside her home on Catalina Island.

Kathleen Hill has shown her recording to UFO investigators in hopes of piecing together where they came from.

Over the years, she has spotted the enigmatic shapes around five or six times. The first appearance was in 2007 or 2008.

"My kids and I were eating dinner. We were looking out the window and we were like look at those orange lights," she explained.

"There were trees like a pyramid and they just stayed in the same spot. This went on for a good 50 minutes and then they just went out. They didn't fly away. They didn't do anything," she exclaimed.

"They were right there in the same spot and then they just went out."

Hill pondered the mysterious lights over the years and decided that the next time she saw them she would need to collect proof of their existence.

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