A former U.S. Navy admiral claimed in an interview published Sunday that there may be a UFO base off the American coast.

Former U.S. Navy Rear Admiral Tim Gallaudet was an oceanography expert throughout his career and now believes there is a secret base for UFOs on the seabed, according to the Daily Star. It appears the claim comes from an in-depth interview Gallaudet conducted for the Chris Lehto show, in which he not only detailed his extensive professional history, but also shared the mysteries that arose from his time in service and research.

There’s one particular area of the seabed Gallaudet believes gets a lot of attention. Though he won’t say specifically where the area is, he says it’s somewhere close to Catalina Island, California, the site of dozens of UFO sightings, including the Nimitz encounter.

Gallaudet asked a friend, Victor Vescovo, to scan the region. And the survey turned up a “wedge” on the ocean floor for which Gallaudet, an expert in his field, can’t find a “natural explanation.”

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