“At the conclusion of a 2011 meeting in the Capitol Building with a U.S. Senator and an agency Under Secretary, Lacatski, the only one of this book’s authors present, posed a question. He stated the United States was in possession of a craft of unknown origin and had successfully gained access to its interior. This craft had a streamlined configuration suitable for aerodynamic flight but no intakes, engine, fuel tanks, or fuel.”

The actual question – “What was the purpose of this craft?” – is secondary to its context. In three short sentences, and without further elaboration, a now-retired Defense Intelligence Agency senior analyst who established and directed a secret Pentagon UFO project from 2008-10 not only added heft to July’s sworn congressional testimony by former intelligence officer David Grush. The brains behind the Defense Department’s $22 million Advanced Aerospace Weapon Systems Application Program also painted a bright red “Subpoena Me” bullseye on his head for whenever lawmakers over at the Delta Tau Chi House decide to quit stuffing their faces with midnight pizza and go to work.

In one fell swoop, James Lacatski’s news bomb last week marginalized whatever headlines might’ve been generated by the plodding and desultory first annual UFO report issued by the DoD’s All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office.

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