For thousands of years, humans worldwide have claimed to have encountered or seen creatures or objects from out of this world.

Extraterrestrials and UFOs are hot topics and have seen almost all cultures experts them in art, literature, music, and media. 

The US government this year piqued the interest of UFO enthusiasts worldwide when it declassified many files purporting to contain information about alleged sightings over the years.

It was among the most significant such file drops in history, and shed light on what has been a murky world filled with conspiracy and intrigue.

While the US has often been the focus of UFOs, Britain has had its fair share of sightings, which led a previous Government to set up a group to monitor such sightings in secret.

In the last two decades, the Government has released several documents known as the 'X-files' into the public domain.

Each has revealed just how worried the Government once was over the existence of UFOs and what their potential presence would mean for the public.

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