The second hearing on the Peruvian mummies in the Mexican Congress. Summary below:

There is a consensus they are Authentic Biological Bodies, of Non-Human origin. With no signs of manipulation or fabrication in any way.

There was continual Legal Interference from the Ministry of Culture and Public Ministry against the studies and the involved.

Several professionals from different scientific backgrounds from respected institutions came to verify the bodies. Tissue samples were taken, and the eggs were also perforated to be analyzed (They were found to be in different stages of development).


The smaller specimens are 60cm of height. The hybrid has 1.70m.

The neck is movable in a retracted way, like that of a turtle. These beings also walked upright.

They are tridactyl both in hands and feet (3 fingered). With complete unique anatomical features. Long hands, bodies with 14 horizontal ribs, and a single bone in the forearm and lower leg.


Some of the bodies show clear signs of surgery, with bone tissue having regeneration after fracture.

The brain tissue does not correspond to any animal known to science.

The bodies are over one thousand years old.


There is antique artwork/tapestries in several countries of the Americas with what appear to be depictions of these beings, sharing the same features.

The eggs have embryos and fetuses.

Osmium is the primary component on the metal plates present on the chest of some of the beings. It is a very rare and hard to extract material, with toxic effects on the human body. The material was discovered by modern science only in the 1800s. One of the bodies has a plate made mainly with silver in greater purity. Which was very difficult to attain in ancient times. Gold was more common, as a comparison.


The brain capacity is larger in proportion when compared to Homo Sapiens Sapiens. The hybrid also shares a much larger brain mass than Homo Sapiens Sapiens (30% more). There is a great likelihood they were sentient intelligent creatures.

Maria (The hybrid) had a strong jaw protrusion like a primate. Her eyes had a much larger ocular protrusion, with almost 90% of her eye visible in the cavity.

She also has one less vertebra, compared to humans. And probably walked inclined due to her feet composition.


During the extraction of the samples, organs were found in good state of preservation. At one point in the presentation, a plastic surgeon talks about a liver in good condition in one of the bodies, given its old age.

The metallic plate in one of the bodies was removed to be analyzed. It was integrated into its bone, fused like a teeth implant.

Maria also has strong teeth, compared to us. And analysis from two different professionals pointed that a dental intervention was conducted on her in the past. Having very uniform molar borders.


The hybrid (Maria) shares complex DNA information with 2 primates found in Africa and Homo Sapiens Sapiens. It has male bone characteristics.

A third hybrid species was shown at the end (Also having egg-like structures inside).

The involved are fighting for freedom of research without prosecution and are continuing with further investigation of the bodies. Most importantly, open to the community.

[ Edit from the community]

Maria was found to possess DNA of two monkey species only found in Africa and another species completely unknown to our DNA genomes. Her bones were also much denser than ours, comparatively, with a thicker skull being used as an example.

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