After getting some intense media grilling about whistleblower reports, the man who headed up the Pentagon's UFO office is stepping down.

As Politico reports, Sean Kirkpatrick is leaving his role as the director of the Department of Defense's All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) after less than 18 months on the job and will be replaced by his deputy, Tim Phillips, until the Pentagon can appoint a more permanent director.

Notably, Kirkpatrick's exit from the office came just over a week after a protracted media exchange in which he admitted that claims made by whistleblower David Grusch — whose allegations about widespread alien coverups and the government's possession of reverse-engineered alien technology the AARO head had previously called "insulting" — just might have had some merit after all.

He was just trying to protect hi life and freedom. Honesty can sometimes be fatal.

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