A US Marine claims to have visited a secret military facility that's purpose is to "shoot down" extraterrestrial craft – with a new photo since emerging of such an event.

Michael Herrera testified under oath in front of the US Congress that he had stumbled across a 300-foot disc-shaped aircraft in the jungles of Indonesia. It was constantly changing colour from light grey to black “like someone was operating a dimmer switch” but was warned off by armed special forces personnel.

Now, in a sensational new interview, he claims to have visited a secret government ”black site” that uses advanced weapons to “take down” extraterrestrial craft.

As Herrera’s claims emerge, The Weaponized podcast has released an image of what was at the time described as a “hostile drone” shot down over Syria by an RAF Typhoon. The object – described in RAF reports as an “unidentified aerial phenomenon” [UAP] appeared to be a saucer or mushroom-shaped object.

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