A man has claimed he spotted a panther-like animal the size of a greyhound prowling through fields near a rural village.

Gordon Welsh, 50, said he was walking along a road near Blackdog, Aberdeenshire, when he saw the animal and he believes it was a mix between a panther, which is native to South America, and another type of animal.

He managed to get the beast on video and said it looked around the size of a greyhound – if not bigger – and was "well solid looking". Gordon has worked as a fishing and hunting guide, a deerstalker and a farmhand in the past, so he thinks he knows "the difference between a domestic cat, a feral cat and that cat".

He said: "I was just walking at the time and I’ve just seen it like limping – that’s what caught my eye. I was like ‘the hell is that?’ But then I was like ‘it’s nae a cat, it’s too big."

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