Several people have come forward with rich information following claims of a covert program to study aircraft, said the Pentagon's UFO boss.

In what is believed to be his last public event, Sean Kirkpatrick, the director of the All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO), answered several questions from reporters.

Kirkpatrick also addressed the claims made by former Air Force intelligence officer David Grusch about a secret UFO retrieval unit.

"I can’t comment on anything he’s told other people. The only way we can get anything that he has shared to other people is if he gives permission to them to share it because he’s protected under those same laws," Kirkpatrick told NewsNation.

"But I have a whole range. I’ve got almost 40 other people that have come in and provided a lot of rich information that we’ve been investigating and crossreferencing and researching and trying to figure out the truth. And again, that’s what I’m saying."

Grusch previously testified before Congress that the Pentagon has UFOs that were retrieved from crash sites.

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