The Pentagon branch tasked with protecting America from space-based threats, local and galactic, has detected thousands of UFOs in Earth's orbit, can reveal.

US Space Force, America's newest military branch created under President Trump in 2019, told personnel this month that the sightings were so regular that they are 'hindering threat identification,' the branch's core mission.  

While many of the sightings will prove to be man-made space junk and 'natural debris' like meteoroids, US foreign adversaries continue to launch spy satellites, like North Korea's new Malligyong-1, and other covert orbital platforms. 

One new concern, Space Force noted: the risk of threatening spacecraft hidden in the large unwatched area between Earth and the moon, dubbed 'cislunar' orbit. 

In their new report, published this month, Space Force's leadership emphasized the importance of finding these grave 'threats' among mere 'hazards' like space junk.

But the military branch also went into considerable detail on a weirder, new category of potential 'hazards and threats' under scrutiny.

Space Force's mandate 'to rapidly identify and respond to threats and hazards,' the strategy document noted, also includes, 'objects that exhibit abnormal observables and patterns of life and cannot [be] correlated to any owner or point of origin.'

Maybe the Space Force should consult with the NSA and NRO. They've been monitoring objects of non-terrestrial origin entering and leaving near Earth space for decades. ;-)

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