A special forces soldier sneaking a late-night ciggie may have stumbled across a UFO “test flight”. He was recovering in an air force base hospital when he saw the craft hovering before leaving at astonishing speed.

And he claims it was being worked on by military and civilian personnel. The encounter was revealed to UFO investigator Ross Coulthart who believes the US military is in possession of “non-human” technology.

He said the soldier was at Eglin Air Force Base in Florida when he left his hospital ward to smoke. He did so at two in the morning and spotted the UFO hovering in a clearing.

Coulthart said: “As he watched the object quite literally almost dematerialised it moved so fast. All he saw was brief flutter above the trees… 20mins later he watched it return.

“I don’t think this guy’s lying. When I looked at a Google Maps description of location it’s precise to a tee.”

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