Joe Biden is set to sign into law eye-popping legislation citing 'technologies of unknown origin and non-human intelligence' this month – with top lawmakers pushing for a giant leap in UFO disclosure.

But UFO activists say the legislation has already been 'gutted', and blame congress members funded by big defense companies for watering down the bill.

Behind closed doors in the halls of Congress, a tooth-and-nail fight has been raging over disclosure of what the government knows about UFOs.

On one side are whistleblowers and former top intelligence officials, who claim knowledge of a secret program that has allegedly retrieved crashed flying saucers – and who have convinced top lawmakers to back them, including Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer, Senate intelligence committee ranking member Marco Rubio, and Senate armed services committee member Mike Rounds.

On the other is the $112 billion defense company Lockheed Martin, and two powerful House Republicans to whom it donates thousands of dollars: House intelligence committee chair Mike Turner, and House armed services committee chair Mike Rogers.

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