A huge unidentified flying object (UFO) spotted soaring through the skies above the UK has astonished onlookers. A 21-second clip uploaded by //www.tiktok.com/@jayceeowbackup/video/7246041607084985627" rel="nofollow" title="Tiktok" data-link-tracking="InArticle|Link">TikTok user jayceeowbackup shows a bright orb flying in the sky.

Despite first thinking it was a meteor, to people’s surprise, the bright ball is then seen changing colour.

Several residents in Glasgow reported “incredible” sightings of what appeared to be a type of UFO flying across the sky.

The user wrote: “It changes colours and made no sound as it flew by. Many people think it’s just a meteorite. But as more videos were released of it glowing in different colours, many started to believe it might have been a UFO.”

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