President Joe Biden’s December visit to Tinseltown for a campaign fundraiser had been caused such a hullaballoo even aliens may have wanted to see what all the fuss was about!

Planespotters caught a UFO on camera hovering above Air Force 1 in Los Angeles during Biden's December 10 trip, can reveal.

The spherical white or silver object was filmed several times over LAX airport and spotted by multiple witnesses.

Explanations range from a mere balloon, to an alien probe searching for intelligent life. Either way it appeared to give up on the President’s entourage after less than an hour. 

The object caused a stir on social media due to its resemblance to ‘metallic orb’ UFOs caught on camera by Reaper drones in the Middle East and studied by the government’s official UFO office – while skeptics dismissed this case as having a mundane explanation.

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