A bloke has discovered a "mangled up" deer corpse and reckons Bigfoot might be responsible for the mess.

Dean Poeppe shared photos of the grim scene to the Bigfoot Believers Facebook group where he explained he found it in some woods in the northern part of Michigan's Lower Peninsula.

He said it was the same place where he had a "sighting" of Bigfoot in July 2022. "During the warmer weather I stop out there quite often looking for any signs," he wrote in the post. "So far all I found was a questionable footprint."

"Today (Monday, January 8) I went out before we are suppose to have a big snowfall tomorrow. There on a two track trail I found this deer body.

"It was mangled up pretty bad. No bones except part of the skull. Further looking I found some of the bones a little ways into the woods in two spots.

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