A rogue element within the US military-industrial complex is experimenting with technology taken from captured alien spacecraft, a UFO expert has claimed.

UFO researcher Michael Schratt says there’s a simple answer to the question “why do so many alien spacecraft crash?” – most of the alleged crashed UAPs aren’t alien spacecraft at all, but US-built prototypes based on captured alien tech.

Some of the crashes, Michael sensationally claims, could be the result of deliberate US military attacks on the aliens. “There is a rogue element of the military-industrial complex that is targeting, tracking and shooting these things down to exploit their propulsion systems, weapons systems and free energy systems applications – that's I think what we're dealing with here,” he told the Disclosure Team podcast.

He adds that be believes one of the key technologies – the aliens’ anti-gravity propulsion system – could have been duplicated around 70 years ago. “The witness testimony from military witnesses is telling us that they have made a breakthrough, that we do have man-made ‘UFOs’ and that at the very latest the breakthrough was made in October 1954," he claimed.

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