Some of you will remember the massive UFO and Bigfoot wave that occurred in Pennsylvania during 1973. It had been the most unusual series of events that I investigated during my 64 years of research. It was during that time period that my volunteer research group that included many scientific and research specialists investigated multiple UFO incidents that were not easily explained. The public was also reporting to the police and news media numerous encounters with Bigfoot type creatures as well. Many of those cases were referred to my group by law enforcement agencies, and we were often at the scene of an encounter within minutes to hours after the occurrence.

The information that was surfacing from widespread locations for many months was indeed very unusual. Trails of large, unusual footprints that would just abruptly end when there should have been more tracks, and sightings of UFOs and Bigfoot observed at the same time and location, and at times observed at close range were among the oddities reported.

It was during that time period that similar details continued to surface that suggested that we were dealing with various anomalies that had a physical and non-physical component involved with their appearances. The more witnesses that were interviewed, and the more information that was collected, suggested that some of those encounters may not be of extraterrestrial origin, but for lack of a better term could be interdimensional.

I have been out in the field investigating UFOs and other unusual encounters since 1965. I have never personally observed a UFO or a Bigfoot, or even a ghost. I worked in the electronics field for over forty years, however for many years I was associated with scientists, engineers, technicians, police officers, and former military specialists who volunteered their time to join me in my research to delve into these mysteries. I have been taking phone reports of UFOs and other mysterious events since 1969, and the phone calls and email reports never stop.

It was quite apparent from the time I started researching these cases in 1959, that many UFO sightings, and even encounters with Bigfoot, and other entities reported could be explained. Many were misidentifications of natural or manmade objects. Many UFO/UAP sightings in recent months were observations of Starlink satellites. Over the years some Bigfoot encounters turned out to be misidentifications of large shaggy dogs, bears, or hunters in ghillie outfits.

While I will never forget the many mysteries of 1973, The year 2023, should also be noted as an unusually active year for not only detailed UFO/UAP observations, but also for the close range reports of Bigfoot and other cryptid encounters from across Pennsylvania. The public was also reporting other strange incidents as well.

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