Former head of the Pentagon’s All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office (AARO) Sean Kirkpatrick continued his bizarre media tour Monday with an interview in Scientific American.

Kirkpatrick was given two missions when he joined AARO: investigate modern sightings of suspected unidentified flying objects/aerial phenomena (UFOs/UAPs), and to go back through the archives and figure out whether the government had any type of hidden alien technology programs, he told “Scientific American’s Science, Quickly,” with Dan Vergano.

Kirkpatrick and his team dug back through the archives until 1945 and waived all former non-disclosure agreements signed by individuals with classified information so they could tell him and his team about their experience. Apparently the historical portion of the investigation focused on discerning fact from fiction in the “classified” programs noted by alleged whistleblowers. Herein lies Kirkpatrick’s fear: some of these whistleblowers did see something classified, but it wasn’t UFOs, so what is he to do?

Who's to say that something pertaining to UFO's wouldn't also be classified? It's good this feckless shill is gone.

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