If you’re not following the Wikipedia scandal being perpetrated by a network of cybervandals called Guerilla Skeptics of Wikipedia (GSoW), you really should. This is no joke. Especially for people who use Wiki as an introduction to subjects that challenge scientific orthodoxy. Under the guise of rationalism, a determined band of pseudo-skeptics is rewriting histories and biographies with an agenda so aggressive and unbalanced, it smacks of religious cultism.

For the past few years, UFO/UAP researcher Rob Heatherly has been tracking curious edits, deletions and additions designed to discredit people, events and ideas crossing into a range of issues broadly regarded as paranormal. They’re pretty obvious – dismissive labels and context skewed in a way to discourage inquisitive minds from going deeper into independent research. But I had no idea how coordinated this propaganda campaign really was until I caught Heatherly’s evidence last month on Matt Ford’s “Good Trouble Show” podcast.

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