Humans have long been obsessed with the idea that a giant hairy monster known affectionately as Bigfoot could be roaming the forests in North America.

But this group of walkers are convinced they have found evidence that the mythical creature really does exist after spotting a 'mysterious' footprint along a picturesque coast path in Devon of all places.

Despite no concrete evidence that Bigfoot exists, people have been captivated for years with the idea that this monster might be real, and the suspected sightings  often send believers into a frenzy. 


This huge muddy print will no doubt leave Bigfoot enthusiasts wondering whether the legendary ape man could be trekking the UK's coastline. 

The walkers, who were on a day out with Rock Solid Coasteering, discovered the footprint along the Maidencombe coast path in Torquay today.

They said that although the path was muddy, the huge footprints 'emerged' from the nearby woods at Watcombe.

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