New pictures of bizarre three-fingered "alien mummies" have been released by documentarians probing whether the infamous figures are fake or alien.

The filmmakers say they will show that the figures contain a new form of DNA and are not simply dolls made for tourists, which was claimed in recent media reports.

These never-seen-before photos, shared exclusively with The U.S. Sun, show the creatures, which were reportedly uncovered in a mountain mine in Peru.

The 4-foot-tall creature, seen curled up in a ball, has undergone testing, while another 9-foot tall specimen has also been discovered.

Investigative filmmakers Serena DC and Michael Mazzola plan to present more “incredible” evidence of new beings at a press conference in West Hollywood on March 12.

The pair will serve up what they describe as evidence of X-rays and laboratory examinations of the bodies conducted and filmed by US scientists in Mexico and Peru.

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