The All-Domain Anomaly Resolution Office or AARO just released volume one of their historical report. The problem? The report is not just bad but is beyond incompetence and probably intentional. Some aspects of the report probably are incompetence, for example, initially writing that Harry Reid was a senator from New Mexico. This was probably a rough draft error, that made it through to the final, we all make mistakes I guess. However, some of the reports seemed intentional and meant to diminish actual whistleblowers. There’s no mention of either David Fravor, the pilot who was a witness at the Nimitz event, or David Grusch, the whistleblower who interviewed 40 or so primary witnesses and was read into crash retrieval programs of crashes by non-human intelligence.

They did manage to mention, one David, David Norquist, a former deputy secretary of defense but neither of the other two Davids made it into the report. Anything they said was ignored and the report seemed dismissive of both of their testimony. There were many important witnesses left out of the report like Robert Dean, Phillip J. Corso, Clifford Stone, Robert Salas, and so on. The former head of AARO, Sean Kirkpatrick has been openly hostile to both David Grusch and David Fravor and any other witnesses with claimed actual knowledge. This doesn’t seem like simple incompetence since they managed to include Wilbert Smith, a lesser-known Canadian official, but didn’t expand much on him.

This so-called "report" was a transparently shameless litany of lies and deception. It is obvious that the findings of the Robertson Panel are still fully in effect.

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