Rare footage has emerged on St Patrick’s weekend which supports the unidentified aerial phenomena (UAP) ‘global defence network’ theory, an Irish expert has told the Sunday World.

NASA held a public hearing in Washington last June regarding spherical UFOs, or UAP.

The meeting heard details of how metallic orb UFOs have been “spotted all over the world”.

Irishman Patrick Jackson (45) believes he potentially has the answer to the mystery and has the backing of certain retired US Air Force pilots and academics.

A video obtained by the Sunday World shows an interaction and explosion taking place in the sights of a telescope.

Patrick spoke exclusively to the paper about what he thinks is being observed.

"We are seeing the sphere intercept process in the upper atmosphere. Sky watchers have seen this for years, but they normally see it randomly through night scopes or telescopes and they never get a chance to record it,” Patrick said.

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